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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the major building blocks of 21st century marketing. 

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The major building blocks of 21st century marketing includes Facebook campaigns, Instagram ads, twitter ads, LinkedIn ads and having well setup, optimized business pages is the way to go for businesses that must trend on social media. We are concerned about you having an awesome interactive experience with your audience on social media. Our services include:

  • Social Media Strategy Development: We provide a range of high-value social media consultancy services through which we help you to achieve tangible results from their social media activities.
  • Social Media Advertising Management: Our social media advertising services are proven to accelerate growth. By advertising through social media, 100% of our clients have seen results.
  • Social Media Content Creation: We provide a range of social media writing and posting services to help you directly or indirectly market your offerings through online social media.

Social media marketing, or SMM, is a form of internet marketing that implements various social media networks in order to achieve marketing communication and branding goals. Social media marketing primarily covers activities involving social sharing of content, videos, and images for marketing purposes, as well as paid social media advertising.


Regardless of what industry your company is in, your customers are using social media on a daily basis. It is important that you keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.



If your company is offering a product or service, you can bet that there are people talking about it and looking for companies that provide it. Our social media management service will help your business to join the conversation and generate new leads.



You need to listen to what your customers are saying about your company on social media and respond to their concerns. Our social media management services focus on highlighting the positive aspects of what your company has to offer and respond sincerely to negative remarks.



Most business owners and marketing managers do not have time to manage all of their social media channels. Each member of our firm received their certification in social media management and our agency can help you reach your marketing goals and a new customer base.

Email Marketing

Get connected with high population of prospective clients using Emails.

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Email Marketing is a powerful technique used in creating engaging contents and sending them to a volume of audience for the sake of generating leads, signups or sales.
It is also a more affordable means of reaching out to a high population of prospective clients. With email marketing, you can build a large list of people that matter to your business and automate the process. Emails have also proven to have a high conversion/response rate with landing pages and autoresponders.

  • Email Design : We will code your email in HTML and CSS that utilizes media queries to help achieve optimal formatting across all devices of all sizes.
  • Automated Email Marketing: Our marketing automation experts will help you grow your sales and convert more leads, all while saving you time, money and heartache.
  • Email Copywriting: Our email copywriting service will enable you to generate bigger profits from the marketing channel with the highest ROI
  • Fully Managed Email Marketing: Our fully managed service includes the creation of two email campaigns per month, all professionally designed and written for you.
  • Campaign Production & Deployment: We focus on helping you maximize the performance of your business with behaviorally targeted, triggered communications.
  • Email List Cleaning: We’ll weed out your old and tired email addresses and make sure your list is squeaky clean and ready to score deliverability points.
  • Creating Email Newsletter: Design engaging email marketing campaigns with simple drag-and-drop tools. Your design is guaranteed to look amazing in every inbox, on every device. We provide you with an unprecedented level of comfort and ease when creating and sending email campaigns.
  • Sending of Email Campaign: Email campaigns can be sent at your convenience as we have it stored on the cloud, which means you can access it at anytime and anywhere using your desktop, tablet or iPhone. Schedule your campaign, or send it immediately. Check delivery in our reports and stats immediately. High delivery rates are guaranteed as we have feedback loops with all major internet service providers.
  • A/B Split Testing: A/B Split Testing helps you better understand subscriber preferences, gain insight into campaign success, and effectively track campaigns over time. Split testing will identify best practices for your unique audience, the variables determining your open and conversion rates and refine segmentation. Test your subject line, from name, email content, CTA and sending day/time.
  • Tracking Campaigns and Monitoring Reports: Tracking your email marketing campaign performance is easier with Ganartech email marketing software. You can easily gain insight into how many recipients opened your email, how many emails bounced, unsubscribe rates and click through stats. EasyWeb offers a variety of ways to analyze and interpret your campaign performance with charts and data to help you improve your campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO keeps your business ahead of your competitors on search engine. 

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SEO is a powerful digital marketing approach that keeps your business or brand right ahead of your competitors on search engine platforms especially on the first page. Haven’t proven google is the most used search engine and at least one visitor is searching about your business every minute. So its important to position your business right on the first page of their search and use workable strategies to gain relevance in the mind of users. With our qualified experts, we will take your SEO project through the Research, Strategy and Execution process for optimum results.

Ganartech can increase the search engine rank and site traffic of any company. The expertise offered by its technical and copy-writing staff enables Ganartech to successfully meet the needs of companies with complex websites in competitive industries.


We first analyze a web site, followed by a step-by-step plan to have the website communicate keywords more effectively to search engines. Our ultimate goal is to get our clients more visitors and higher conversion of sales and leads.

The goal of on page and off page optimization is to generate a theme consistent with your targeted keywords. The search engine is a robot, not a human … and therefore, you must follow our proven process to educate the robot so that it brings your website up when your potential customers are searching for specific business related keywords.


Use amazing copies to captivate the interest of your Audience.

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What is content exactly? Content is blogs, info-graphics, videos, emails, eBooks, social media updates, and the text on your website. Yep, content is everywhere. For any business that will grow, content is key. This is where many businesses get it wrong, the inability to use the right keywords to pitch your ideas and captivate the interest of your audience makes you to leave so much on the table. Which is why it’s so important to have a content marketing strategy that aligns your content with your core values and each of your audiences’ wants, needs, and unique, preferred ways of consuming content.


Buyers are self-directed and content can help satisfy their quest for answers and enable you to direct them to solutions for their business problems.


Content marketing creates signals across the web that builds credibility and authority with your audience. In addition to the many SEO benefits of content marketing, it can be used as a means to connect on a level with your customers that other digital marketing can’t.


Ganartech Team helps clients develop a sustainable, effective, and integrated content marketing strategy. We provide a content marketing strategy consulting service that helps businesses take the necessary steps towards an impactful content.
marketing program including:

  • Content marketing strategy development based on the situation of your business.
  • Relevant and Actionable content across all formats and channels including: video, eBooks, blog posts, webinars, case studies, etc.
  • Content placement and distribution – digital PR
  • Content amplification via digital & social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc
  • Content marketing performance analytics and measurement
  • Content marketing technology & tools recommendations

Workshops & Training

Our Training Class is on Digital marketing and Ecommerce.

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The Digital marketing training will teach you the fundamentals of development, planning, implementation and measurement of digital marketing strategies to help you increase awareness and sales of your business.  REGISTER HERE

Website Development

Website simply automate and keep your business online presence active.

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Website is simply a visual experience or representation of your business on internet. A responsive, dynamic and informative website befits your business and justifies your online presence. We build and manage websites with 21st century tools and designs. With exclusive content management interface, authoring, standardized code, user experience design and SEO, your business just got better.


Your website should not only look nice, it should turn visitors into customers. As a website owner, you want to attract more traffic to your site. Most times, the real problem is that you are not converting the people that visit your website into customers. Designing a website without a good understanding of a how a visitor can find their way around the website is usually the reason why visitors don’t turn into customers


Exceptional user experience is what makes excellent web design. Aesthetics and beauty should not be the main focus in developing websites.

When we design websites at Ganartech, these are the factors we take into consideration

  • Content Organization: How will information be organized?
    How will new content be added to your website?
  • Usability: How many clicks does it take for a user to get to useful information?
    How easy is it to navigate around your website?

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